Sunday, November 29, 2015

Rai Lakshmi Hot HD Stills from Sowkarpettai

I hope you must have seen this stills before but have a look at it again with some sexy comments.

Rai Lakshmi- the sexy horse from Sowkarpettai.

High resolution stills for your enjoyment.

Rai Lakhmi looks phenomenol in these stills from Sowkarpettai.

Believe me, I will still bang her even if she is possessed. Her sexiness attracts me more than the horror that keeps me away.

rai lakshmi
I'll love to play with those breasts of Rai Lakshmi

I'll do the same, use my tongue on her

Two hands to squeeze out the milk out of her breasts.

Yeah ride on baby.

This is how she reacts when I am about to open my pants. 
And this when she sees my manhood.

Snake? I don't mind

I am gonna watch this movie in theatres and will be running to the bathroom frequently.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Anusha tamil actress Hot Caps-Vadugapatti Mapillai

This is an actress who is kind of overshined by the other top actresses of her time and never came to light. She is tall, sturdy, and beautiful and could lip-sync well as she was from south Indian dynasty being related with the legendary actress K.R Vijaya.

You got her name- No. Then I will reveal it now. Its Anusha don’t confuse it with Anushka. I can understand google searching for anushka in the first instance when you enter the keyword anusha because she was not that famous or recognized. But Tamil movie followers and masala lovers like me do remember her as she has done a handful of movies in Tamil and Kannada also many movies in Malayalam. She has a sister named Ragasudha who was more prominent and had done a good lot of movies in all the south indian languages but when it comes to beauty Ragasudha is far behind Anusha.

I believe that she is one of a kind actresses as you won’t find many tall and beautiful actresses as they cannot be paired with our heroes who are of a common height of around 5 foot 9inch. So if they cannot be paired with mainstream heroes then what would happen, they would either start doing character roles or turn into item numbers. But Anusha has done better with acting some movies in Tamil and acting with mostly tall heroes like Napoleon, Vinod kumar and a few others.
The below caps are from the movie Vadugapatti Mapillai where she is paired with Vivek (can’t get worst). In the movie, you have Hamsavardhan son of legendary actor Ravichandran in the main role and Vivek as second hero with Anusha as his pair and you have a group of all comedy actors and it is was intended to be a full length comedy movie. The movie was a complete dud even though having Vivek, Vadivelu, Senthil and Visu) mileage and it got lost in the crowd. In the movie, there is no any duets or anything for Anusha but the movie makers have put something of Anusha for us masala lovers to relish. I could recollect that they have added some scenes of Anusha from another movie Adra Sakka Adra Sakka with Pandiarajan may be the makers are the same.

I will be doing more posts on Anusha as she is one of my favorite beauties.

anusha hot

For a tall lady, it’s the legs that will gain more attention and then follows the other features, Anusha has provided us of with in abundant. Next comes the beautiful breasts tightly wrapped in a shiny blouse- No man can resist that exposure at least I cannot. Anusha can also be seen in nice revealing and transparent outfits and you can view in the caps below.

The below caps are of HD resolutions. Click to enlarge.

The comments you give is the energy for me to produce more posts in this blog. If you want me to write about something, please let me know, I can try to accommodate your requests.


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